Why Cats?

Pounce de Lyon Detail

Everyone knows someone with a cat.

 Each animal has a unique personality, quirky way of doing things and preference of places to nap.  Never mind the scratch marks, occasional stains and fur on my palette, these little folks are amusing, fascinating, surprising and sometimes maddening.  Cats-because they contribute so much joy to my life.

 I cannot imagine a home without them.

Pal of Chase Whiskerson

Find the “purrfect” image for the cat lover in your life!

This collection presents the inhabitants of the fictional Realm of Felidae (Felidae: the family that includes domestic and big cats) in their occupational roles from leadership to craftsperson to shop keeper.  

Great giclee prints for working professionals or those who simply enjoy “prowling” boutiques and bookstores.  

Trivia: Other words for a “group of cats” are clowder, clutter, glaring and pounce.

Welcome to the land of untold stories and the cats who live here.

Friend of Meowni Nine

There is something here for every animal enthusiast.