Gallery Four

Kitten with ran head, daisies and candle



 A great scene for April born owners of felines


Kitten with bull vase, lilies of the valley and globe



 A special image for May born folks with cats


Kitten twins with balloon, rose and pearls

Pollux and Castor


 An excellent design for cat lovers born in June


Kitten with crab art, water dispenser and rubies



 A popular composition for a July born person who lives with cats


Kitten with lion scroll, lamp and peridot beads



 A perfect illustration for cat lovers born in August


Kitten with maiden plaque and morning glory 



A superb piece for those born in September who love cats


Kitten with scales, marigold, fan and opal



A distinctive portrait for cat loving folks born in October


Kitten with scorpion flask, mum and topaz



A splendid example for those born in November who enjoy felines


Kitten with scabbard, candle and narcissus book



An exceptional picture for cat lovers born in December


Kitten with sea goat, snowdrop and fir book ends



An outstanding sample for the cat owner born in January


Kitten with water jugs, feather and violet inkwell



A unique edition for February born people who love cats


Kitten with fish daffodil book and aqua stones



A choice selection for the cat owner born in March