Village of Glaringham

Long haired cat with books and wine supplies

Puss E Phoot

Mayor, vintner and vineyard proprietor

A great scene for wine connoisseurs with epicurean felines


Calico cat with books and garden necessities

Catrick Petterson

Landscape supply and community garden caretaker

A special image for the backyard horticulturist with cats


Ragdoll cat with books and stationery materials

Cassidy Featherman

Stationer with vintage papers and writing paraphernalia

An excellent design for dat lovers who correspond


Shorthaired cat with books and pharmacy items

Catrina Muzzleford

Apothecary store owner and compounder

A popular composition for the pharmacist who lives with cats


Striped cat with books and board games

Fig Arroh

Operator of a classic board game store

A perfect illustration for kitten at heart folks with cats


Calico cat with luggage and travel goods

J Great Catsby

Voyager with luggage, bags and tote shop

A superb piece for those who travel with cats


Orange cat with herbs and spices

Purz O’Lot

Herbalist with spices and zests

A distinctive portrait for cat loving chefs


Tuxedo cat with books and teapot

Pawdrey Lazerlite

Tea house and reading room operator

A splendid example for those who enjoy the tranquility of a tea lounge with a cat


Orange cat with books and clocks

Catmeister Meowz

Horologist with shop dedicated to timekeeping

An exceptional picture for cat lovers with timepiece hobbies


Siamese cat with books and Asian themed goods

Snuggly Fang

Decor store owner with a flair for Asian motifs

An outstanding sample for the cat owner who prefers Asian home fashion


Orange cat with knitting and crochet goods

Heir Ball

Yarn supply shop manager and avid knitter

A unique edition for the yarn related crafter who loves cats


Orange cat with books and fashion accessories

Clawdia Groomer

Owner of a chic apparel and accessories shop

A choice selection for the fashion conscience cat owner


Glaringham is now a fully populated town so lets start building another city.  Coming soon: The youth of Pounceport.