Gallery One

Persian cat with books and mouse
Persian cat with feather

Basel Ratbone

Governor of Felidae

 A great scene for office workers who love mousers


Tabby cat with books and portfolio

Berdie Hunter

Mayor and secondhand bookstore manager

 A special image for the literature enthusiast who is fond of cats


Tabby cat with pottery in window

Furika Katze

Park ranger

 An excellent design for al who enjoy cats and the out of doors


Birman cat with books and yarn

Katje Kattenpoot

City historian and owner of a vintage book room

 A popular composition for book collectors who are devoted to cats


Tabby cat with wings and yarn

Pawlo Felino

Yarn store owner impishly tangled in cord

 A perfect illustration for everyone who knows rascally cats


Persian cat with books and key

Furnand LeChat

Owner of memory book and diary supply shop

A superb piece for scrap-bookers and album keepers who love cats


Tabby cat with books and inkwell

Pounce de Lyon

Librarian who keeps a day book with quill pen

A unique edition for those who keep journals and live with felines


Tuxedo cat with books and pocket watch

Meowni Nine

Bookstore owner and author of political volumes

A splendid example for those who enjoy politics and dote on cats


Tabby cat with books and pottery

Hairee Pawter

Proprietor of antiques and collectibles mall

An exceptional picture for the antique pottery buff who collects cats


Gray cat in studio with art supplies

Furari Cattaneo

Art store steward with artistic flair

An outstanding sample for creative folks with kinship to cats


Tabby cat with second hand books and bell

Furke Cattus

Stationery boutique manager enjoys an evening scroll

A distinctive portrait for cat owners who prowl used bookstores


Tabby cat with books and portfolios

Catman Pooh

Executive city planner is a designing puss

A choice selection for the cat adoring architect or engineer