Governor Basel Ratbone


Pawlo Felino cropped

Oil Paintings of Felines

Realm of Felidae

The notion of a collection of cat paintings seems only of moderate interest compared to the actual life stories of cats.  Currently having five fur babies in the house (the youngest our 12th rescue) I have come to realize they each have unique personalities, individual interests and specific preferences.

So in our imaginary realm, we will create townships represented by gallery groupings where our cat population will reside, prowl and pursue their dreams.

Katje Kattenpoot cropped

Names, characters, businesses and places are either the products of the painters imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual cats, living or gone is purely coincidental. 

All paintings are executed in oil color on 11″x14″ gessoed hardboard.

Originals NFS.  Giclee 8″x10″ prints coming soon.

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