Gallery Two

Long haired cat with office supplies

Furgal O’Fluffy

Mayor and office supply shop owner

 A great scene for office workers who love mousers


Kitten with setter puppy on blanket

Chase Whiskerson

Animal adoption team member

A special image for all animal lovers


Kitten with bulldog puppy on rug

Queeny Fluffington

Adoption team member

 An excellent design for pet fanciers


Kitten with retriever puppy on couch

Furgus McCat

Animal adoption team member

 A popular composition for those who adore cats and dogs


Ragdoll cat with cookbooks and baking supplies

Felis Purrkins

Kitchen supply outlet owner

 A perfect illustration for the cook or baker who is devoted to cats


Calico cat with books and sewing supplies

Spottie Yarnball

Fabric shop manager

 A superb piece for sewing and needlecraft individuals with cats


Scottish Fold cat with books and tartan blanket

Scotty McFurry

Scottish Gaelic language professor

A distinct portrait for cat lovers interested in Celtic history


Tabby cat with books and magnifying glass

Furlock Roams

Owner of bookstore emporium in his drawing room

A splendid example for fiction novel enthusiasts with intuitive cats


Long haired cat with books and school supplies

Furdin Katt

School principal and course book writer

An exceptional picture for the instructor who adores felines


Calico cat with books, jewelry and gems

Purrcey Lickington

Jewelry store owner and gem stone enthusiast

An outstanding sample for the glamorous cat owner


White cat with books and craft goods

Frosty Clawson

Craft store proprietor and creative cat

A unique edition for the artisan who loves cats


Orange cat with books and candles

Scratchy Pawson

Candle supply store manager and bee keeper

A choice selection for romantic cat folks


Clutterville is now a fully populated town so lets start building another city.  Coming soon: the Village of Glaringham.